BASSET Training has gone statewide in Illinois and require that all sellers/servers are certified before July 1, 2018.
View the map below or click  HERE  to learn more and to see when your county must be certified. 

IMPORTANT - If you work in Cook County and were certified in 2015, your certification is due to expire this year. BASSET Certifications are valid for three years. 

To renew online today for $9.95, click HERE.​​

Topics covered in BASSET Certification​
1. Physical Properties of Alcohol
2. Prevention and Intervention
3. State Statues, Local Ordinances & DUI Laws
4. DRAM Shop & Victims' Rights
5. Identification Techniques

At BASSET Chicago, our focus is on your customer and how the sellers and servers of alcohol can  provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all. The goal of the class is not a mere certification. Our goal for each and every student is that they enhance their customer service skills through proper training of how to work in a business where alcohol is served.

By practicing prevention and intervention techniques, your employees will learn different strategies they can use while working with customers that will not only protect your bar or restaurant from lawsuits, but more importantly, they can help save lives through responsible serving and selling of alcohol.